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General XML Information

This page collects links to useful general resources about XML.

  • W3C's XML page
    Contains the XML 1.0 Recommendation, and working drafts of other specificiations related to XML.
  • An introduction to XML
    Written by Lars Marius Garshol.
  • Robin Cover's XML page
    An excellent starting point for discovering XML-related resources on the Web.
  • The XML FAQ
  • James Clark's collection of XML Resources
    Of more interest to advanced XML users, this page includes a specification for Canonical XML, an XML parser test suite, and the C source code for the Expat parser. a
    XML Information
    XML Software
    Three very useful resources maintained by James Tauber. lists XML Document Type Definitions for various application domains; lists specifications and other documents; lists software for XML processing.
  • runs various articles and columns about XML and its applications on a monthly basis. Perhaps the closest thing to an XML magazine at the moment.

Mailing list archives

  • The xml-dev mailing list
    xml-dev is for general technical discussion of XML. Much of the discussion about SAX has taken place here.
  • The www-dom mailing list
    www-dom is for public discussion of the Document Object Model development effort.

Other XML-based Development Efforts

  • Remote Procedure Calls
    A proposal to perform RPC over HTTP using XML as the information exchange format. It's already implemented for Frontier, a Macintosh scripting system, and won't be too difficult to support this in Python, should it prove useful. Proposed by Dave Winer.
  • WebBroker
    A W3C Note about something similiar to Winer's RPC-over-HTTP-via-XML proposal.