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XML Books

This page lists books that other users have found to be helpful when trying to learn about XML, or its big brother SGML. If you have a favorite XML book that you'd like to recommend, please send us an e-mail and let us know about it.

XML: Principles, Tools, and Techniques (W3 Journal Vol. 2 Issue 4); Dan Connolly (Editor); Paperback.

Collects various articles about XML, and the then-current XML working draft. The working draft included here is now obsolete, since the final recommendation has been issued and some changes were made along the way, but the articles provide a good introduction to XML and to the applications for which XML can be used.

The XML Handbook; Charles F. Goldfarb, Paul Prescod; Paperback.

The XML and SGML Cookbook; Rick Jelliffe; Paperback.

"A quite interesting book for people who already know XML. It's kind of a patterns book for XML and SGML. I'm not sure I agree with all his advice (and a colleague who has worked a lot with these things does not agree at all), but the last part about character sets is very good."

PARSEME.1ST: SGML for Software Developers; Sean McGrath; Hardcover.

Approaches SGML from the software engineer's viewpoint. Some of the book discusses using Python for SGML processing.
"... a very good introduction to SGML for developers. Anyone who wants to get started on SGML would do very well to start here to learn the technical bits."
"A very good introduction to SGML for programmers. ... It covers the general principles and philosophy behind SGML, and then dives into a careful discussion of SGML syntax, writing DTDs, common techniques and design issues, and ends with brief overviews of HyTime and DSSSL."

Structuring XML Documents; David Megginson; Paperback.

"This book is aimed at serious XML document architects, covering the problems of designing DTDs that are backwards- and forwards-compatible, using design principles and architectural forms. ... It only covers DTDs for book-like markup, not database-like applications, and provides only a brief introduction to XML principles. ... If you're interested in the specific question of DTD design for the long term, this book is definitely worth considering; however, people who want a general introduction to XML should consider some of the other books listed here."
"Quite good, but requires you to know XML already. It's really a guide to DTD design that also covers architectural forms. Good, but perhaps a bit long-winded."

XML: A Primer; Simon St. Laurent; Paperback.