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There is a survey of Python/XML software in The State of the Python-XML Art, by Uche Ogbuji, with updates in subsequent articles in the Python & XML column.

tmproc tmproc is an implementation of the new international standard ISO/IEC 13250 Topic Maps, containing a set of classes that represents a framework for doing topic map processing in Python. It works with Jython.
Pyxie Pyxie is an Open Source library for processing XML with the Python programming language. Pyxie is discussed -- along with language independent APIs such as SAX and DOM -- in Sean McGrath's book XML Processing with Python. The Pyxie library makes use of a drop-dead simple, line-oriented notation for parsed XML known as PYX. An article on Pyxie that explains the PYX notation can be found on PYX generating utilities can be found on the Pyxie download page.
soaplib A SOAP implementation for Python, allowing communication between objects using XML over HTTP, SMTP and other protocols.
Lye Lye is a Python program which converts COM requests into SOAP calls. It uses win32com.server's DynamicPolicy to interpret the COM request and Fredrick Lundh's soaplib to make the SOAP query.
Redfoot a Python-based framework for RDF servers.
python davserver python davserver is a collection of classes which should make it easy to write your own DAV server in Python.
XML Toolkit Contains a client/server XML processor, and a WIDL implementation.
XSL-Pattern An implementation of the pattern subset of the XSL working draft of 16-December-1998.
LT PyXML A Python module which interfaces to LT XML, a fast validating parser written in C.
Sab-pyth A Python module which interfaces to Sablotron, a fast, compact, and portable XSLT processor.
Python XmlTools a set of high level tools to help using XML in python, including the pyGTK widgets XmlTree and XmlEditor to visualize XML.
XSV an XML Schema Validator, based on LT XML.
pysp A Python wrapper for the SP SGML parser.
PyTREX a Python implementation of TREX, an XML schema language.
libxml_saxlib,libxml_domlib Wrappers around the GNOME libxml libraries, convering SAX, DOM, and XSLT.
PIRXX Wrapper around Xerces C++, covering SAX, DOM, and XSLT (through Xalan).
Pyana Interface between Apache Project's Xalan XSLT engine and Python.
XPipe An architecture for XML processing based on the assembly line principle.
pyRXP pyRXP is a Python wrapper for RXP, a very fast validating XML parser (written by Richard Tobin of the University of Edinburgh) and returns Python tuple trees from XML.