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XML-SIG Document Type Declarations

Over the course of the discussions on the XML-SIG mailing list, people have occasionally developed Document Type Declarations for some interesting markup language. For reference, copies of these DTDs are made available here; you can link to them from other Web pages, and XML documents can use the respective URLs for the DTDs in namespace declarations.

XBEL: XML Bookmark Exchange Language

XBEL represents a Web browser's collection of bookmarks. Converters are available to convert several browser-specific formats (Netscape, MS Internet Explorer, Opera, Lynx) to XBEL and back. Some sample code is included as a demo application in the Python/XML package.

More information is available on the XBEL page.

QEL: Quotation Exchange Language

QEL is used to store collections of quotations. More information is available on the QEL home page.