A. Public Text

This section contains the entire public text of the XBEL DTD corresponding to the Formal Public Identifier presented in Section 1.4. No additional external entities are referenced.

<!-- This is the XML Bookmarks Exchange Language, version 1.0.  It
     should be used with the formal public identifier:

        +//IDN python.org//DTD XML Bookmark Exchange Language 1.0//EN//XML

     One valid system identifier at which this DTD will remain
     available is:


     More information the on the DTD, including reference
     documentation, is available at:


    Attributes which take date/time values should encode the value
    according to the W3C NOTE on date/time formats:


<!-- Customization entities.  Define these before "including" this DTD
     to create "subclassed" DTDs.
<!ENTITY % local.node.att  "">
<!ENTITY % local.url.att   "">
<!ENTITY % local.nodes.mix "">

<!ENTITY % node.att     "id       ID    #IMPLIED
                         added    CDATA #IMPLIED

<!ENTITY % url.att      "href     CDATA #REQUIRED
                         visited  CDATA #IMPLIED
                         modified CDATA #IMPLIED

<!ENTITY % nodes.mix    "bookmark|folder|alias|separator

<!ELEMENT xbel (title?, info?, desc?, (%nodes.mix;)*)>
<!ATTLIST xbel
            version  CDATA      #FIXED "1.0"
<!ELEMENT title      (#PCDATA)>

<!--=================== Info ======================================-->

<!ELEMENT info (metadata+)>

<!ELEMENT metadata EMPTY>
<!ATTLIST metadata
            owner    CDATA      #REQUIRED

<!--=================== Folder ====================================-->

<!ELEMENT folder   (title?, info?, desc?, (%nodes.mix;)*)>
<!ATTLIST folder
            folded   (yes|no)   'yes'   

<!--=================== Bookmark ==================================-->

<!ELEMENT bookmark (title?, info?, desc?)>
<!ATTLIST bookmark

<!ELEMENT desc       (#PCDATA)>

<!--=================== Separator =================================-->

<!ELEMENT separator EMPTY>

<!--=================== Alias =====================================-->

<!-- <alias> elements correspond to Netscape bookmark aliases.  The
     required "ref" attribute must refer to a <bookmark> or <folder>
     element.  Note that MSIE aliases can refer to folders, so that is
     supported in XBEL.  Applications must be careful about traversing
     aliases to folders to avoid improper recursion through circular
     data structures.

<!ATTLIST alias
            ref       IDREF     #REQUIRED